Which concrete making book to choose?

I have now reviewed three books about concrete making:

  1. “Concrete Crafts” by Sania Hedengren and Susanna Zacke
  2. “Concrete Crafts” by Alan Wycheck
  3. “Making Concrete Pots, Bowls and Platters” by Hester van Overbeek

They all have their merits as books that a crafter may like to own, but they also have shortcomings.

Interestingly two of the books share the title “Concrete Crafts” however they have different subtitles:

  1. Simple Projects from Jewellery to Place Settings, Bird Baths to Umbrella Stands
  2. Making Modern Accessories for the Home and Garden

Hendengren and Zacke’s book has some 30 different projects, some are quite quirky, such as a bookend in the shape of a bottle. The photographs of the objects they have made are beautiful, and inspirational. But the instructions in the book lack details and will be difficult to follow.

Wycheck’s book is US centric and so some of the products recommended are not available in other countries. I didn’t find his suggested projects inspirational. BUT his step by step guides are fantastic with clear instructions and plenty of pictures.

Van Overbeek’s book is similar to Hendengren and Zacke’s, with beautiful pictures.

Van Overbeek, Hendengren and Zacke are obviously people with interests in a wide range of crafts, and they all have prior experience of writing craft books. If I was feeling skeptical I would say that they were commissioned to write these books, and then learnt sufficient about concrete making to complete the commission. On the other hand Wycheck knows a great deal about concrete, and has managed to present his knowledge in an accessible way (at least if you understand the US terminology).

So which book would I recommend buying? For general perusing and inspiration either Hendengren and Zacke’s “Concrete Crafts” or van Overbeek’s “Making Concrete Pots, Bowls and Platters”. For technical details Wycheck’s book is outstanding.