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Grandma, Granny, Nanna, Nanny or …

You may well have worked out that the author of “Grandma’s Corner” is called “Grandma” by her grandchildren. For me the name isn’t a happen-chance before I became a grandmother I chatted with my children’s mother-in-laws about what grandmother names they liked. One was already a grandmother and her family used the Tamil name for grandmother. The other two respectively like Nanna and Nanny which left the name Grandma free and it was my preference.

The prospective grandfather’s didn’t have this conversation, and so one lot of children have two Granddads. They used to be distinguished by car colour – but then they both got white cars. Now if differentiation is needed they are referred to as Granddad with Nanna or Granddad with Grandma.

I met someone the other day who had taken her grandchildren abroad and when they came back to the UK the children were asked about the adults they were with. One was asked about his granddad, and loudly said “That is not my granddad, my granddad is at home.” Fortunately he then pointed to his grandparents and added “That is my Poppa.”

Whatever grandmothers are called they will hope to be remembered on Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday as I talked about last year. If you are thinking of flowers maybe one of Gemma’s pots or vases would go well as an extra gift.

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Coaster Making

I really enjoy making things, and along with some family members I had a go at making concrete coasters, using Gemma’s Make Your Own Coasters Kit.

The whole process was fun. We started with a cuppa and looking through the pack. We then moved outside to do the concrete mixing, using the face mask provided the pack (you shouldn’t breathe in concrete!). It was all surprisingly straightforward using Gemma’s mix and instructions.

We then cleaned up and had a leisurely lunch, by then the concrete had “cured” sufficiently for us to remove our coasters from their moulds.

The next day some of the group decorated their coasters following suggestions on Gemma’s blog. I thought mine looked beautiful as it was.

I think the Make Your Own Coasters Kit would make an ideal present for anyone who enjoys crafts. Why not treat your mum this Mother’s Day?

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Mothering Sunday

In the UK the fourth Sunday of Lent is called Mothering Sunday. Traditionally it was the day when children who had gone into domestic service (for example working as a kitchen maid) were given the Sunday off to visit their mothers and families. My mother went into domestic service at the age of 14, while she lived at home with her parents, I am sure a Sunday off was welcome.

This link to the Church is why the date of UK’s Mother’s Day moves and why it is at different time to Mother’s Day in the US and elsewhere. This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday 31st March.

My mum is no longer with us, but I was wondering what she would have liked – I think she would like a small bunch of flowers and a vase to put them in, such as this one from Gem’s Concrete Gems. She liked flowers, but she also liked having gifts she could keep.