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I’ve thought a lot about packaging over the past couple of months, as it is something that really resonates with me and there are lots of different angles to consider.

Firstly, there’s the environmental issues to think about. I try to only use either recycled or recyclable materials in my packaging. In an ideal world, I would use products that are both recycled and recyclable but that then can cost more than I can afford in some cases. I’ve been reading and thinking about our plastic impact on the earth and am consciously trying to slowly reduce my plastic waste and replace items with more sustainable options. As well as being something I want to try to mitigate myself personally as much as possible, it is also definitely something that many people consider now when making purchases.

Secondly there’s the cost angle. When starting out as a small business, there are so many start up costs and spending a fortune on packaging is not really an option, so I have been looking for something relatively cheap but also environmentally friendly.

Thirdly, aesthetics have to play a big part. As an Etsy seller, I’m well aware that receiving a beautifully packaged handmade gift is one of things that can really make a buyer remember you and come back to you again and again, and obviously this is super important.

Gem's Concrete Gems product packaged in orange tissue paper in cardboard postage box
Gem’s Concrete Gems packaging

I wrap all my products in tissue paper, secured with string, before packaging them safely in brown cardboard boxes for postage. I think it looks pretty and I love the orange colour against the brown card.