, Make your own Concrete Bowl, Concrete Gems
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Make your own Concrete Bowl

This is a super easy tutorial to get us started with the tutorials that I’m hoping to share with you. I discovered this when I had some left over concrete from another project I was working on.

You will need:

Concrete mix*
Plastic bowl, such as these
Acrylic paint, such as Artiste 2 oz Acrylic Paint, Metallic Copper

*You can use a ready made concrete mix such as this Hanson Multi Purpose Concrete or you can mix your own with cement and sand following the guidelines on the cement packet.


You will want to work on a protected surface and wear protective clothing whenever you work with concrete. Gloves and a dust mask are essential but I would also recommend safety glasses and protective clothing as well.

Take your concrete mix and put around 200g or a yoghurt pot full in a pot to mix. I use a large yoghurt pot or salsa pot to mix in.

, Make your own Concrete Bowl, Concrete Gems

Add water a small amount at a time until you reach a homogeneous but thick consistency. It is important that you do not add too much water, otherwise the concrete will slide down the sides of the plastic bowl.

, Make your own Concrete Bowl, Concrete Gems

This is where it gets messy and you will definitely want to wear gloves for this step. Lightly grease your plastic bowl with cooking oil. Gather up the concrete in your hand in a ball and place it in the bottom of your plastic bowl.

, Make your own Concrete Bowl, Concrete Gems

Start pressing the concrete down into the bottom of the bowl. Gradually work the concrete up the sides of the bowl until it is a uniform thickness of around 1cm.

Smooth out the concrete as much as you can until you get a look you like. You can leave the top edge wavy or smooth it out as you like. Gently tap the bowl up and down to remove air bubbles but be careful not to knock the sides down. Leave to cure as per your concrete mix instructions. To remove from the mould, gently flex the plastic bowl and it should easily slide out.

, Make your own Concrete Bowl, Concrete Gems

Sand down any rough edges until you get a look that you like. You can then leave it as it is or decorate it how you like.

I used copper acrylic paint to decorate the inside of my bowl which I think has come out really well.

There are so many different options with this bowl idea, from simply changing the size or the decoration, to trying different shaped moulds or even adding texture to the outside of the bowl.

I’m thinking mine will be used for keys or small change!

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