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Hunt the Jumper

Hope you had a good Easter break. Did you get to participate in a Easter Egg Hunt. My grandchildren did. They had an Easter egg hunt at the holiday house we rented, then they joined in one at a National Trust property we visited, and I am fairly certain they would have had one at their own homes, and probably with their other grandparents.

Last Thursday Mr 4 years old and his little brother Mr 1 were spending the day with us. Their daddy bought them at 7.00 am, after a leisurely breakfast I was getting ready for a trip out and I couldn’t find Mr 1’s jumper, I hunted through the bag they had bought and found a grey jumper, I thought I had just mis-remembered what he had on.

The next day i get a message asking if we had Mr 1’s jumper. We hunted high and low and couldn’t find the jumper – although we did establish it had dinosaurs on – not the one from the bag.

We then get a message that Mr 4 says it is in the “darkness” and that they were playing “hide and seek jumpers”. The “darkness” is the bit under the stairs, in their own house it is very dark, in ours it is a smaller space and there was no jumper there. We then started searching again and Grandad found the jumper tucked under the seat of the ride on Mickey Mouse car.

I think maybe they had too much time hunting eggs!

BTW I also discovered they had used Mummy’s concrete creations as building blocks.