Hello world!

I’ve heard that you can’t truly build a successful business on Etsy alone, and I believe it may well be true. Etsy is great, it has lots of traffic, great support and a very user friendly platform. I know their fees are often off-putting, however I do not find them to be too much of an issue, when you think about all of the work they put into advertising and bringing in buyers. However, it is still their site! It doesn’t belong to me and they could shut me down if they wanted to. So after much thought, research, trial and error, etc. etc. here we are. Welcome to my new site!

I hope you will find the site user friendly and nice to look at. I am still going to continue the blog, and Grandma’s corner will also continue. But now, you will also be able to shop Concrete Gems from right here. I hope you like it. Please let me know how you get on, leave a comment or a review, and please contact me if you have any problems or want to order something specific.