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Our 3 year old grandson (Mr 3) really likes “Crafting”, and this is a clock he made out of an old box, with a bit of help from Grandad and me.

Unfortunately his clock is not for sale (below are some hints for making clocks with toddlers).

However his mummy does make clocks for sale:


and you can buy them at her Etsy shop.

Hints for making timepieces with toddlers

A few weeks ago we were looking after Mr 3’s cousins (Mr 4 and Ms 2), and Mr 4 bought home from school an outline of a watch to cut out and colour. Working on this with him we learnt:

  1. Watch faces are far too small for youngsters to write in 12 numbers.
  2. Once hands are drawn you cannot change the time.

So for Mr 3’s clock we:

  1. Used a large piece of card,
  2. Lightly pencilled the numbers in the right place,
  3. Made moveable handles, again pencilling in the shape to ensure they would fit the clock,
  4. Ideally we would have used a split pin to hold the handles in place, but since we didn’t have one Grandad improvised with a push pin and a piece of cork.