Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming, and we are back in lockdown – making it a bit challenging for a Grandma to do her Christmas shopping!

I had already started buying bits and pieces when I could. I’m trying to support small independents who must be finding it hard at the moment. I do love the convenience of Amazon – but I am sure that they are thriving with lockdowns. I am grateful to those indie shops that have easy to access web sites or a presence on Etsy. I’ve also picked a few things via Instagram, I must say I don’t actually curate a following on Insta. I just follow Gemma and occasionally pick up things she like.

I’m busy knitting Christmas jumpers for the grandchildren. So far I have finished four and have two more to go. Fortunately the local yarn stores are offering click and collect.

I also have some sewing projects and am grateful that I can order my stuff online from a local independent.

We did manage a girlie craft day in the short period when we were allowed to have visitors. We made concrete Christmas trees with kits from Gemma. I am now trying to organise an online craft afternoon/evening. We are toying with making Christmas wreaths. At the moment there is some indecision about whether to try and make real ones like we usually do, or whether to make some sort of ever-lasting ones. I am a bit worried about sourcing the wherewithal for making these and then sharing it around, but I am sure it is doable.

The concrete tree kit that we tried out

Gemma has just shared a link to a Christmas Guide from Indie Reading. I am going to have a peruse through and see if it provides inspirations for gifts and maybe some ideas for an online craft day. Alternatively, pop over to Gemma’s Christmas shop and have a browse there.

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