Grandma’s Corner

Just a Gift

It is always nice to get a gift. In the current climate, a gift is particularly welcome. The “Just a Card” campaign sometimes uses the slogan “Just a Gift” and seeing that slogan this morning prompted me to write this. With social distancing and shielding, getting gifts delivered is, for most people, the only practical …

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Life Guarding

It is only a week and a half since we went in to lockdown. The locked down population seems divided. Those people with kids are incredibly busy, whilst those without seem to be on the most boring holiday ever. There are also the heroic NHS staff and other key workers out there caring and supporting …

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I love Gemma’s concrete letters. I think the “MR & MRS” combo would be great for a wedding table or as a wedding gift. But I was thinking there are other combinations some couples would like. I submitted my PhD after we got married, so the “MR & MRS” combo worked. But if it was …

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