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Book Review: Making Concrete Pots, Bowls and Platters by Hester van Overbeek

This is a beautiful book, with suggestions for making: pots, bowls and platters that are right on trend. Any crafter would be pleased to receive it as a gift, for all the clever suggestions as to what can be made with concrete.

However I would not recommend it to someone who was a beginner, it does not contain very much about making concrete. There are lots of ways of making concrete, and it is certainly possible to experiment but as a beginner I would rather have guidance than lumps of unusable concrete, that my local authority will charge me to dispose of. This book is rather like a cook book showing fantastic decorated cakes and saying you can make all these cakes with ready mix or use basic ingredients available such as flour, butter, eggs etc, and then giving lots of details about baking tins and icing.