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Book review: Concrete Crafts by Alan Wycheck

Alan Wycheck’s book “Concrete Crafts” is sub-titled: “Making Modern Accessories for the Home and Garden”.

, Book review: Concrete Crafts by Alan Wycheck, Concrete GemsGlancing through the book I thought it not very suitable for me as it was very US oriented. The measurements were all imperial, the products used were available in the US, and even the language was American (e.g. mixture was to be made to look like “sticky oatmeal” – I assume that is porridge!). The projects also seemed to be large, the first project was to make paving slabs (what the author calls “pavers”).

But when I read the book in detail I found I really liked the step by step guides, each was accompanied by lots of helpful pictures. The choice of the projects (particularly the early ones) didn’t inspire me to try making any of these artefacts, but I know a lot more now about concrete making then I did!

So if you are looking for a book that shows you how to make concrete objects, and you are happy with American terminology this would be ideal.


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