Baking Biscuits

This week I had chance to bake with some of the grandchildren. I thought both Mr 5 (years old) and Mr 4 would like to bake biscuits.

On Wednesday – while Ms 2 had her nap – Mr 5 and I followed a recipe for cheese biscuits.

Then on Thursday – while Mr 1 napped – Mr 4 and I made chocolate chip cookies.

Both sets of bakes tasted delicious and both boys enjoyed baking and eating the biscuits; as did their young siblings, cousins and grandparents.

But the experience highlighted to me the difference between UK and US English. I knew that what we in the UK call biscuits are called cookies in the US. What I didn’t know until Wednesday is that what in the US are called biscuits we in the UK would call scones!

The grandchildren’s bakes aren’t for sale – but Mr 4’s mummy has shops on nuMonday and Etsy (but I don’t recommend eating concrete!)