A Cuppa on Concrete

I’m sure you know by now that I make coasters, so a cuppa on concrete is not an alien concept. But what about having a rhyme on your coaster too?

A while ago, a lovely talented lady from Rhymes to Remember wrote a rhyme for my business. You can read here. Recently she has been exploring the idea of ‘paperless poetry’. Poetry definitely doesn’t have to be limited to paper, and actually it can be very interesting in different forms. We have therefore collaborated again and bring you a rhyme on concrete. Click here to read the entire blog post. The photos below show our finished products.

a cuppa on concrete

Sally from Rhymes to Remember writes some beautiful poetry about all sorts of different topics from weddings, family and love, to business, memories and sadness. Why not get in touch with her for your very own bespoke poem? She also has a number of generic poems as well.

“I put into words what others struggle to say to make sure that a new mum hears she is doing great. That a bride and groom share vows on their wedding day that are perfect just for them. That a teacher or colleague knows they are appreciated. And that a family member or friend is told how special and loved they are. Never underestimate the power of words!”

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